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Motion Design

Comics trailers & videos

Comic book trailers & videos

“Video book trailers are great — if they’re under a minute and very compelling. Please don’t create them yourself.”
Kristin Fassler, director of marketing at Penguin Random House

After seven years, book trailers (and especially comic book trailers) have become sort of a specialty. High expectations and an extensive knowledge of the particular challenges of the form allow us to produce videos that are faithful to the spirit of the work, respectful of the author, and focused on our client’s objectives. Here are a few.

The Heart of Thomas

Kaze Manga  / Shogakukan

Silas Corey

Glénat BD

Ikigami, the ultimate limit

Kaze Manga  / Shogakukan

Captain biceps


Digital posters

Once upon a time in France T.4

Glénat BD

Kids on the slope

Kaze Manga  / Shogakukan

The Third testament : Julius

Glénat BD

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