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marketing solutions for artists and publishers


Yearzero is a “micro-agency”

A small structure with varied skills and a unique expertise in the marketing of books and art.
Our mission is to provide advanced promotional tools to artists and publishing labels too small or demanding to work with a mainstream agency.

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Yearzero is a micro-agency

Because agencies are team- based and technically specialized, they are by definition unsuited to the limited resources and specific needs of artists and creative companies. YearZero, in contrast, is freelance-sized, technically versatile, with a core expertise in the marketing of books and art.

A very small team, that can do a lot of different things.


Getting started

your band

Make a website, shoot some pictures, create merchandize and get social media right

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The Short Guide to

Marketing for publishers

Which tools work and which don’t ? How to do a lot on a small budget through intelligent targeting ? Websites, newsletters, videos... We’ve compiled 7 years of experiments and analysis into a series of French-language articles. 
If you’re interested in seeing them translated to English,

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How it works


You tell us about yourself and your needs. The more details, the better. That’s why we have a detailed contact form!


We reply with a list of steps you can take, what we we can do to help, and what it would cost. If budget is an issue, we provide potential solutions, and anyway the advice is free.


You pit our propositions against your budget, set your priorities, and put us to work. Or not.

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